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Dick starving at 5 am – Room service at 7. Breakfast. Scott came to pick us all up at 10:20 – Went to Lookout Mt. They’re painting + the place looks great. Went over inventory with Scotty + Carolyn. Jim called with list from office. Went to Beverly Wilshire. Shirley’s appt with Helen Davis at noon Scott + Dick + I went shopping. Went to Kerr’s met Shirley in coffee shop. She has “a great Talent” – (singing, acting, speaking or writing or art) that’s frustrated! Her numbers are all 3’s – lots of money – all good. We went to Scotty’s for a book on numerology. Then to the hotel. Timmy + Nicky met us there + we went to Brown’s for a sundae then Pickwick’s. Nice afternoon. Hotel for short rest then Leon’s. Scotty, Shirley, Dick + me. Hysterically funny evening. Laughed ourselves sick. Hotel at 12:30 –