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Breakfast – still a bit tiddely – Furniture mart – not able to have my picture taken as no record of my name (Carpenter yes!) Given temporary passes. Went to patio furniture place. Man never stopped talking We had aspirins. Bought alot of stuff. Called Dick + asked him down. Left at 12:30. Went to Olvera St. Lunch. Shirley bought lovely candle holder. Drove around Music center. Back to hotel for a rest. Shirley’s friend called. Trouble with plane. Dick arrived at 5 – Had had “one drink” (later learned it was a triple!) downstairs + wasn’t in too good shape. Leon made an appt for Shirley to see Helen Davis. Scotty, Dick + I went to Timmy’s for a chicken curry dinner Dick slept part of the time But at the end when Timmy played part of his tape he was awake + very impressed. So that was good. We came home around 10:30 + went to bed. Glad to get Scotty + Timmy together.