We had breakfast in our room by the window Mountains + tall pines + the beautiful lake Then we made love + slept a little + got dressed Dick off to the workshop about 8:45 I went down with him + spent a fairly unproductive morning gambling. Keeping just even. Came up to the room about noon but the maid was just starting so I went back down. Played a slot machine for a while + then went back to the 21 table. Dick in at one. None of the other men had brought their wives so he went in with them for a drink + I went right on gambling [crossed out letters] Back to room about $40 richer at 4 o’clock. Had bought a funny book by John MacDonald “Please write for details” and after a few days of diary I settled down to read it. Dick back at 6 [crossed out letters] The afternoon session had been extremely informative + interesting. So that’s good. Everyone else staying at the Lodge – stag. I think next time I shouldn’t come. We had dinner here – the place is very nice but very expensive + I don’t think the food measures up at all. We played a little keno + the slot machines