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I wrote Leuse w/ check + paid VW insurance and exterminator Kind of a crazy day. It had gone down to 37° last night the house freezing. Dick off early, I bathed + washed hair + got suitably dressed for Fike luncheon at the Sahara Went down to the office at 9:35 – Shirley off with Dick to try + sell a pool to Randy Petrie (friend of Jack Kiser’s + client of Pat + George Garrett whom she’d met) Marty’s wife called from New Jersey + gave the operator his new number + then died a thousand deaths wondering if some woman would answer. Marty called + it was all okay. Bud Bartlett at State Contractor board called about Western Homes. Wants to see Dick. Shirley + I went to luncheon in separate cars. The Sahara parking facilities a shambles – One thousand irate women honking + yelling + backing into each other. 35 minutes to park. Confused inside. Saw Annabel. Finally caught up with Shirley + Darrell – saw Jean Cahlan + Judy Carmany. Met a woman named Babe Harnes. luncheon good. Speech okay. Then they couldn’t find my car. Couldn’t get to bank so cashed a check at the Sahara. Played a little 21 + won $25. Didn’t get car til 4:30. Home at 5. Packing – utter confusion. Letters from Scotty + Jimmy (enclosing line Daniell [?]) a note from Mary. Had good dinner + Armando + Ana drove us to airport. Arrived Reno at 9:10. Got to Lake Tahoe + King’s castle about 10:30. My skirt fell off in the lobby. Just slithered down to my ankles. Weirdly nobody noticed but Dick + I got hysterical. Came up to our room + then went down for a drink + a snack + 3 keno tickets. Bed about 12:15 Gorgeous view.