The most unbelievable wind today – like in movies Worked on accounts in early Morning. We may have to dip again for the business so I’m not going to write Julia til I know. I called Scotty + had good chat. Made out checks for work on addition + material. Spoke with Alice. Went over to Casey + picked up the cash for the Sprinkler stuff. Went to Bank of Las Vegas + withdrew $4,000 from Savings acct. Had cashiers checks made up for Harold Stern (2,000.00) + Scotty (500). Had written them both + mailed checks with letters. Put $300 in Household acct to square off gambling debt Ordered some deposit slips + a check cashing stamp. Went to bank of Nevada + deposited $600 + bought a $400 check [crossed out word] for Leuse. Told Glen Wahlquist the company was switching banks. Went to the B’way + got a $40.00 gift certificate for Marlene + a selection of Birthday cards. Went to office + went over accts with Shirley. Marlene in + delighted with her birthday gift Shirley + I had a sandwich + then I went over to Nevada Floor Craftsmen + made $500 deposit on carpet. Next to the Blvd. Went to see Elaine who has lost 26 lbs!!! Got 4 color paks at the Camera shop. Went to Safeway + came home. The makeshift wall Dick + Jack nailed up had blown down. I’ve never seen anything like this wind. I paid our Pecos mortgage. Dick + I went over to J + J’s for a couple of drinks back home for dinner about 8. Bed soon after.