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Went down to the office around 10:30 – Dick working on plans for Gene Devine’s pool. I took Gene’s credit ap to Nevada National to Harold Hansen + then I went roving – to 4 Queens where I lost the $30 I had + thence to the Golden Nugget where I cashed a check + got ahead about $40 after a couple of hours. Went to the main P.O. with 3 letters to register for San Salvador. Next tot he camera shop at the Blvd to pick up my pictures. Some very good ones. Came home. Clark Isom came over with his chain saw + cut through the stump outside. Saw too small to do much more than heavily score it for easier chopping. Dick home around 6:30 + he + Armando both took some swings at it with an axe. Dick is not in good shape – now about 20 lbs over weight. He wouldn’t eat dinner + went to bed. Ana put some food in a casserole for him to eat later. It’s a difficult situation. The meal was completely non-fattening It’s the booze that’s doing it. Dick slept til 10 + then woke up + ate + we watched MacCloud on TV very tired –