Called Sue Glick this morning – They’ve been shut in for the last 5 days – The air heavy with smoke terrible for Carl’s emphysema. Nice chat + they are safe + the fires are now contained. Called Alice + made lunch date. Went shopping with Ana at the safeway. [crossed out words] Went to bank of Las Vegas + deposited Dick’s pay check + [crossed out words] took Jack Kiser George Garrett’s credit application. Had lunch with Alice at Macayo Vegas Nice visit. Home + paid bills – Hayes, Clark County electric, the Service. Also Jim Breen who came to haul away the rubbish for $25. Ana + I went out. I bought some M.O.’s for her at the Market + then we went to the P.O. on Flamingo. No registry after 4:15!!! Good Lord Went to Mayfair market for some vegetables. Our phone out of order. But not, it developed later, really The hall phone not hung up all the way Jack + Joyce came for dinner. A misunderstanding – poor Ana had [crossed out letters] not understood me yesterday Oh dear. But she came through with a lovely dinner (I fixed the pork chops) She felt terribly. She had a bad headache today too. Set up the swirl jet in their tub + she tried it after dinner. Joyce had had a pretty miserable trip home. We played a little poker + the evening broke up around 10:45 –