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A day of no accomplishment. Slept til 9:30 although I could hear in the dim distance the electric saw + a hammer. Bill + Jack came by but Carl + Herb were not here. They never did get together. Tony was two men short in Henderson so Dick + Jack + Bill all worked with him. Jack couldn’t get back here so Carl + Herb were hung up + went home Dick came in about 2 o’clock – pretty exhausted. Went on back to the office after a drink. I took Nelda home at 4 – Very funny conversation in the car – mostly non communication Went to the office. We’re putting in an ad for a free pool sweep with all pools built in October. That should bring in a little business. Had a drink at the office – Dick was having several. Came home + he went over to J + J’s – Joyce back now. Invited them to dinner tomorrow. Dick took a shower + went to bed with a bowl of soup . no dinner. I ate with Ana + Armando + we had informal English lesson after. Bed around ten o’clock –

Terrible terrible fires in L.A. + now San Diego. The worst series in the state’s history.