Quiet Sunday morning – bed – love -funnies -french toast. Dick went to the office at noon – was back at two. I paid a few bills – Mr. Mendoza – Frontier Roseland. Nevada Power etc. And got off long overdue Birthday card to James Enelow. Spoke with Les in the morning. He was feeling optimistic about Mary which was nice but I’m afraid I wasn’t very encouraging. Dick said later that I’d been a little short with Les – Didn’t mean to be. We left the house at 3:10 – Went to Distinctive Apparel Shop – free champagne to celebrate new layout – very nice. Then drove over with Janet Goldsmith to Caesar’s Palace Met Jim there. Everything comped. Went to see Bottoms Up. Funny, Funny show. Just loved it. More drinks + more champagne. Gambled a little. Ran $20.00 up to $200 + then lost it. Parted with Jim + Jan after really nice afternoon. We went on to Frank’s + played the slot machines + drank alot more – Don’t know what time we got home.