Didn’t do much today. Took Anna to the P.O. on Bonanza + mailed books to Daddy + Carl + Sue. Came home + unlocked the front door realizing as I did so that there’s no back door at all so locking is a little Stupid Ed Kulick over + I got miffed at him for a remark about money. Went to the store + got some iron pills for Ana, a thermometer for Jeffrey who’s been very fractious and a lovely big steak for dinner Played + lost $5 on the Slot machines. Came home + gave Ana + Armando their first English lesson. Funny. Took a nap. Dick home about 6:30 or 7. Was on the phone with Les when he came back. Les going thru the nightmares of untangling Mary’s financial situation. Shades of 1965. She’s probably dipped into the twins + Margies’ money this time My one constructive suggestion to Les was that he Ask Dr Thompson to limit his visits to one a day. Les has to get a life of his own going Jack over for dinner. Another pleasant evening with a little too much to drink. Watched an asinine TV Show called the Bunny club. Sat outside before.