Busy day – with some hangover to help. Carl + Herb over + took the door down. Jack here all day. Had had no sleep! Wendy here at ten. We worked in the library until after 2:30. I then left + went to B. Dalton’s for “Ingles” – Berlitz spanish – English “+ a phrase book for each of us.” Went to Camera shop + left film to be developed + took 2 negatives of the Colby Homestead to be enlarged 11″x 14″ for Newcomb. Ran into Ann Hall + went up to see her office. Didn’t realize she was a Boulevard Executive Funny visit. Thence to the Landmark where I won $130.00 in half hour Whee! Left + went to bank of Las Vegas. Transferred $5,000 from Savings to our checking acct for the addition + kitchen. Got home at 5:30. No electricity on the stove. Called Jack who came over immediately. While looking for another fuse panel, we left hall cupboard door open + I brained myself on it. Really a bad knock. Later bathed + washed my hair + took alot of excedrin. It helped some. Dick had a really good day. Costed out 3 pools + feels sure we’re going to get at least 2 of them. George Garrett had put in a credit application for one too So that makes four! The library neat + clean + partially organized. Pictures all in a box to be put in albums some day. Alot of stuff sorted. Jack came for dinner + we all had a good time. Watched “Cincinnati Kid” after. [crossed out words] Sort of “The Hustler” in a card playing world. Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell, Karl Malden, Ann Margret, Tuesday Weld Cab Calloway