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Called Les – not in so left a message. Carl + Herb “Los Hombres de Destrucion” came early + went to work. Jack here too to discuss electrical work with them. Called Shirley about accts (Jack has just gotten a raise!!!) Salvation army came to pick up rug. Anna + I went to Dr. Carter with Jeffrey at 11:00 – Jeffrey has an ear infection so can’t have circumcision til next week. Dr. C. spoke a few words of Spanish but I thought him very abrupt. $12.50 for 2 minutes. Jeffrey peed on the nurse. We went downstairs for one Rx + had coffee. Then to the Sav-on drug for the other Rx. Did a little shopping + came home about 2 o’clock. Carl + Herb were leaving. Had nailed a door up against the old kitchen opening. Good to keep out burglars. Not so good for getting out to the back. Also realized that Dick’s safe was [crossed out letters] in the closet so if a burglar came we would have been nailed in + unable to stop him! I took a nap + slept like a rock for 2 hours. Got up + wrote [crossed out word] Russell, enclosing the promissory note + a statement of full payment. Wrote Leon with $6 commission check. Janet Goldsmith called + invited Dick + me to “Bottoms Up” on Sunday afternoon. I accepted for me + tentatively for Dick. Dick home about 7 – we had a drink + then dinner. Dick went outside after telling me to show Anna + Armando all my scrapbooks. I said just the album Mother had put together. Anyway that took a longtime + Dick came in very angry with me. Oh dear. We had about 4 drinks (in all but had about a pint a piece.) Dick wasn’t measuring + I didn’t realize til too late.