Carl + Herb Oft (?) showed up about 8 today – got right to work tearing out all the walls except the back one, the ceiling insulation etc. Called the Salvation Army about the rug. Anna killed a scorpion + small lizard in our closet. Called the exterminator who came out + sprayed the closet + all the doors again. I packed books for Carl + Sue + for Daddy. Called Daddy who’d heard from Newcomb that Mary was in the hospital + was much relieved He sounded old + tired. Newcomb had also told him about Mary’s 502 – My God – I told him she’d been lucky never to have one before. Told him we’d like to come back for a week or so in November + also that we’d like him to come out + see us over Xmas. He didn’t say no. Worked in the office library. So much to be done. It’s a big waste basket But got some sorting done + filing. Anna, Jeffrey + I went to the bank + deposited Lookout payment + a residual. Then to the Blvd where I bought a pkge of goodies to be sent to Carl + Sue + some cheese for us. Stopped at B.Dalton’s – Books not in. Walked around the Blvd. Anna had never been there before. [crossed out letters] Stopped at Orange Julius + had funny time with Scorpion story. Went to Safeway + bought groceries + came home Jack on + then off for dinner. Millie called + I called her back after dinner. Long long talk about Mary. So good to talk to her again. Had forgotten how much I miss her. Bed about 9 o’clock.