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The situation in Jordan ghastly –

Les called around midnight to say Mary had come home.  Woke up at quarter to 6 + got dressed for L.A. Bill + Jack + Dick + Armando moved all the furniture out of the den into the garage Dick took me to the airport. Rented a mustang in L.A. + drove to Calabasses. George’s shop is really nice + he did it all himself. Haircut cost $10 – the car cost $26 + the plane fare $44.00 that’s an $80 dollar haircut “But good.” Got to Leon’s office at 11:40. Waited there til 12:30 in case Les called + then went to Frascatti’s for lunch. Ate outside + had a lovely time. Leon on the front page of yesterday’s Variety Closed a deal with Martin Rackin for James Best’s script Not a great deal of money but great publicity + Best had had the script for 10 years. Leon gave me a large pkge of presents (all wrapped to mail) + I left about 2:20. Got to the airport in time for [crossed out word] an ice tea before taking the 4 o’clock plane home. Dick there to meet me. Dick Shaw + wife in town + told Dick he should go to the Master Pool Seminar in Reno. So I guess we’ll go, Oct. 8th + 9th Our phone out of order. Carl didn’t show but [crossed out letter] had left a message + I called him. He + Frank not working together but he’s got someone else + will be here tomorrow. [crossed out words] Clark + the boys came over for the wood. Made nice pile for Alice. Gifts from Leon cookies + bread + candy + another dress just like the first. I gave it to Anna as it’s too bright a red for my declining years. Watched the news – all so terrible. Had nice dinner. Early bed. Waked at one am by call from Les who had gotten Mary into the hospital + seemed to want to talk. He was thoroughly shaken + I guess it had been pretty hairy but thank God she’s in.