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Up at 6:30 – Jack + Bill Murby – had coffee Tree surgeons here at 7:30. No time at all + the two trees were down. Dick came back + had them cut it up. Then left stumps. price $150 (“a bargain”?? When I told Dick it was $150 – including stump removal We were “being had”?) Spoke with Alice – Made reservations for L.A. – called Hertz. Called Les – Mary hadn’t gone to work (thank God) Took Joyce to the airport via the bank + then the Safeway. Went back to the Safeway + put $50 in the dime machine – now over a thousand. Home to find a certified letter from Challenge Cook Bros saying they were going to sell the squeeze-crete. called Dave who said to send someone down there to bid on it. He scared the hell out of me. Anna, Nelda, Jeffrey + I went shopping. Then I took Nelda home + went to see Dave. He called Challenge Cook + by God + our good fortune the “F. Paterra” who had signed the letter was someone he knew from McKeesport, Pa!! Everything okay. Went back to the office + put poor Shirley’s mind at ease. Got my $200 back from Marty. Dick + I went to see Alice – Stella there – showed them the plans. Went home + had a very good dinner. I was on phone thru most of it with Les. Mary had disappeared. The police in Century City had called about her + he went to get her but she’d gotten away. Poor Les – it’s been really rough – But he’s got to get her in a hospital. He’s afraid it will “wreck” their marriage. I think any more of This business will. Told him I’d be at Leon’s at noon. Called Leon. Went to bed about eleven. Started to clear the den.