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Leisurely day. Went over to see Betty Isom who goes back to work Monday. She gave me a brochure on the Corning counter top ranger and we traded some skin creams. Went over + saw [crossed out letters] Ed + Casey + showed them our plans for the new kitchen. had a beer which got right to me. Home. The tree surgeon came with his little boy and Barkis bit the child. Didn’t break the skin but scared us all. especially the boy who was really terribly good. Later Barkis was barking at the baby + if this goes on I’ll have to have him put away. Dick home at one. Anna made us soup + a sandwich Armando back about two worked on his car most of the afternoon. Mary called + talked for almost an hour – read poems etc. I don’t think she’d been drinking but everything was very non sequitur Dick + Armando went out to get a starter for the car. Went to the office first to meet Carl Lagerquist + run off the plans for the addition on the blueprint machine. They left at 6 + came back at 8:45. Dick very drunk + I was very angry Jimmy Judge stopped by while Dick was passed out in the bedroom. He only stayed a short time. When Dinner was on the table I got Dick up + he managed to eat a little + sobered up some Bed about eleven.