Wendy over at 9:30 – All excited over proposed changes. Also over Jeffrey. I went down to the office at noon. Called Plummer + nobody in until 2:30 with their check for $623 We’ll meet this week’s payroll. Brunette’s cousin Campbell being dug today + Johnson finally cleared + will be dug Monday so things really are looking up. I went to the Show boat for an hour and a half + lost $20. Went to Plummer’s + picked up check + came home to get the polaroid enlargements of the pool. Wendy cleaning like a tornado + Anna had been ironing. Mutual admiration which was nice. Took Anna + Jeffrey with me to the office – his first outing. Carl Largerquist came while we were there + had a much improved plan for the kitchen with the counter-bar an island. Anna + I went to Mayfair Market to shop. Bought fresh vegetables + meat + all sorts of things including pineapple wine. Came home + tried to get Anna to take a siesta. Long day for her We went to Jack + Joyce’s + had a few drinks + came home to a lovely chow mein dinner + the pineapple wine – Had too much to drink We all sat outside speaking English + Spanish. It’s beginning to get cooler