Went to the B’way today + bought a huge discoware casserole + pizza pan with carving board as a wedding gift for Elaine. Also 3 pairs of foot shaped rugs for Christmas gifts (one for J + J’s new bedroom right now.) Also some pot holders with mushrooms for Mary Anne Miller. Went to B. Daltons + picked up my 3 copies of Readers’ Encyclopedia, a Nevada Ghost towns for J + J. xmas (left to be autographed) + a Spanish English dictionary, a Berlitz spanish + another spanish book. Had lunch with Elaine + Catherine (?) the resident [crossed out letters] witch. Thence to the landmark + lost $20 although it took me a long time. Safeway for Pork Roast + groceries. Came home about 4:00 – Dick passed out on couch with a hole burnt in his favorite trousers. Couch intact. Cooler not working the belt too tight + the motor burned out. Dick called Jack who came over + they fixed it. Had several drinks + it was almost time for Jack to be coming to dinner! I gave him the Willow feet rugs + he took them home Dick took a shower + shaved + I took a bath. Came out to find Dick in the den listening to the swelling strains of “How great thou Art” in a room filled with smoke. Could barely see him. The 2nd Motor had gone!!!! Thank God the heat is getting a little less. J + J over + we had a good dinner + a good time. Played poker after + Jack won almost every hand.