Funny -we’d been talking about the comings + goings at our place last night with Ed + Casey + today it was a veritable mad house – Jack to start with Then I discovered our phone was out + went to Betty Isoms to call the phone Co. Al Rigetti the gardner recommended by Frontier Roseland came. Then the phone man then the TV repair man from Von Tobels, Then Wendy who had to park behind the garage. Told Wendy about Anna + Armando but that I’d be needing her still as a sort of secretary-type cleaner for all the library projects – pictures, scrapbooks etc. She was quite pleased, I think. Went to the bank of Las Vegas + deposited $13,500. Now have $19,000 there in a savings acct. Wow! Talked with Jack Kiser + ordered voucher checks for the office We’ll be transferring our acct there soon. Went to the office + stayed while Shirley had lunch. Saw Marty + Bill Muir. Drew up a bill for Napoliello for Marty. Went to Nevada floor Craftsmen + took 3 Samples of carpet. One I’ve already decided + today with Wendy + Dick’s help decided on a Shag for the bedroom Despite a scorpion Dick killed last night near the bed!!! Quiet evening at home (that phrase always reminds me of Eddie Royce)