Screwy day – instead of doing what I should I went to the International Hotel + lost about $300! Went to see Dick at the store + had lunch with him. Discovered a $25 chip from the International in my purse later + took it to the showboat. Extraordinary run of luck. Left with $400 – ahead in less than an hour from brief bout at the Aladdin + this mornings mishap. Talk about luck. Lord  Went to Sear’s to pick up [crossed out letters] belts for cooler + light bulbs. Didn’t have them – W.O.W. Vegas Village, Von Tobels, Hanks Electric etc. Finally found them at Phil’s salvage around 5:30!! Was really exhausted + frustrated by then Picked up some groceries + got home about 6. Had called Betty Isom early in the day to say I’d been hung up + couldn’t make it. A Beautiful Mail. Check from Russell for $14,000 – Whee!! along with funny letter. Also a residual for 44.92 from Green Acres. A nice letter from Annie and our Collection card from Bank of Nevada In 13 payments we’ve knocked $2,635 off the principle. If we can continue making payments of $500 a month in 12 more months we’ll have paid another $4500 on the place! Dick home + tired from Hofert’s. Ed + Casey called + came over for a few drinks which hit both Dick + me instantly. They were rather enthusiastic in an odd way about Anna + Armand + baby. After they left I fixed frozen Chinase food. We had a few hot words about the wonton soup. Dick didn’t like the looks of it but it got allright + we went to bed tiredly + happily about 10.