Up early. caught up a few days diary. Spoke with Alice. called Dave’s office Von Tobels – They’re coming Friday. Bill Muir + Jack had a cup of coffee + I found out the hospital Anna’s in – So. Nevada. Called Frontier Roseland + had flowers sent to her + her baby. Asked Lee about a Gardener + she put me on to someone. Maybe later we’ll get her husband to do the landscaping. Did dishes, made bed, did laundry. Joyce over at 11 – for coffee. We met at Alladdin at 11:45+ gambled. I lost + so did she. Went to see Alice + Pat Moore at Lucille’s pool. Nice visit. Went shopping after for groceries – home + fixed dinner – nice quiet evening. Dick had [crossed out letters] worked hard + was enthusiastic again today. Had a Thank you note from Betty Isom for the flowers (a month ago today!!!! – God where does the time go). Called her + made a very tentative date for tomorrow. Leon called – The news events are so damn depressing – I think we’re all frightened. He asked me if I was going to be in town for a while + available. I kept saying yes. He’s got something cooking but I don’t know what.

John Young called – thank God!! Said he’d really had a good time the other night. Had been moved out of the Dunes over Labor Day weekend to a home outside town without phone – goes to L.A tonight + will be back next week.