Arab terrorists are holding 3 hijacked planes on a guerilla held strip in the amman desert

Good day + got a little something done. I’m beginning to look forward to the thought of Anna + Armando. I did laundry + changed sheets + cleared out trash + sorted papers. I found a note from Paul Prokop in a movie circular he’d sent. “Trying to get it off my chest” – told me how I’d made him feel “shitty” When he came + wanted to bring me the film etc. etc. he felt like a “pesty social leper out of the past.” I wrote him an answer. He’d called first from LA the previous evening to say he was coming + I’d said I didn’t know if I could see him Jess, Mardi + Winnie were here – it was the day before Dick fired Murray + Dick was on the thin edge. I wrote Paul that if he’d written us + said he’d like to come at our convenience it would have been a different matter but my loyalty is to Dick now + in that respect I lead a different life Blah Blah Blah. But he must consider other people’s opinion. I paid Bills + another $500 on our mortgage. Sent off polaroid prints for enlargements. Went to Bank of Nevada to deposit residual, to Bank of Las Vegas for $300 cash deposit. To cleaners. to drugstore, to Sprouse Reitz, to Safeway, to Post Office for stamps + to mail letters. Home + fixed dinner + pottered about cleaning up. Dick home around 6 We had several drinks + dinner + watched TV. He seems alot more optimistic about the business. Les called + suggested I call Mary. He’d hidden the booze + immobilized her car + she was furious but coming out of it. I did call her + was just as glad I did as it wasn’t too bad. Rambling etc but not drunk + not ugly. She’s gotten herself a secretary (!) – okay. The only thing I wish I could reach her on is not going back to New London. Everyone there is dreading it needless to say. Bed at 10.