Beautiful day. Dick off to put up wall on Brunette’s pool + was back in time to go early to the lake as the wall was already up!!! Since Saturday. We left at eleven-thirty + drove out to the Marina. It was about 85° at the hotest + perfect weather. Went across the lake and through a sort of narrows into another whole area of the lake. Dick skied a little but it was too rough Also he’s not in too good shape. Fished a little. Nothing. Momentary scare with the motor but it came to + we sped home. Stopped at Dante’s for dinner. Dick’s treat Really good. We were home again about 8:30 Had a few beers to round off the day – as well as a call from Mary who’s divorcing Les + suing him etc. I told her not to “screw up” again + finally to fuck off. Thought maybe Shock tactics would work – Apparently they did all too well as – Les on the extension said Oh My God she’s getting into the car I’ve got to go – and all was silence. Dick + I had a few minor words but it was a good day Finished the letter to Jim Parsons telling him that all my correspondence with Bill (some 17 years) + anything else I’d make readily available