Ice tea – popsicle – sandwich – fragile Sunday papers. Called Bill Muir + talked with Elda – I said what have we done? Not much communication there. The arrangements are $200.00 a month + they’re to come a week after the baby is born. Elda asked me how I felt + then said it had been a long time since she was bombed but she could “remember the feeling.” Later this evening I felt a little better when Joyce said Elda fell off the bar stool a few weeks ago + hit her head – maybe that impaired her memory. Dick + Jack went off to take care of Plummer’s pool + I cleaned up the mess in the house + lay around + read. I got a letter from Ed Faucher a few days ago enclosing his editorial about Bill and some letters in response to it including a very perceptive one from Jim Parsons in Mexico who felt Ed should put out a book about Bill as well as get Bill’s book published. Ed answered him very brightly saying he was “definitely not prepared” to do so but told him I was Bill’s literary executor + that he’d forward a copy of his (Jim’s) letter to me. I started to write Jim today. Joyce asked us over for “Rock Cornish Game Rooster” tonight + we went about 4:30 and had a  good time – nice dinner, a little poker, a few drinks + home about 8:30 or 9:00.