Up in pain at 9:45 or 10 to see George off took him to plane laden with gifts for Mom + Cassie + the chemistry set for Andy from us. No sooner left him than stopped at store for vodka + clamato juice + over to J + J’s. I really wanted that first bloody Mary. Laura + Jimmy Arnaz came over + Mike (Jack’s son) + his friend + Bill + Elda. Bill talked with Dick + made a deal about coming back. Then we came home. Mike + friend came too. Dick + I talked about Armando + Anna whom Bill’s going to have to let go + we came to the decision we wanted them. Called Bill + Elda who came over + then Armando + Anna. All very drunk. Poor Anna having her baby momentarily. Everyone left by around 5 except I hardly remember Had a sandwich when I woke up about 9:30. Back to sleep (Dick had brought it to me) Awake again at 4 am. Panic. Two adults + a baby coming to stay here. Madness? However after communicating my panic to Dick began to think it could work out _ At any rate were committed to try.