Geo. off to pick up car – took warantee to W.O.W. + got new battery. Then left at 11:30 to go take pictures of pools with Marty. I spoke with John Young + made date for tonight. Heard Bill Muir was in town + going to J + J’s so we went over to meet them. Had a beer + talked with Bill about the possibility of his staying. He wants to. Will only be getting $4.50 and hour in Houston. After they left Joyce + I talked + drank beer until it ran out + then went to Vodka. I got [crossed out word] thoroughly smashed. George over. Wendy + Denny over to get Wendy’s money. Dick cancelled out for the silver slipper saying I was in no shape. I just got mad + when poor John Young came over we called Annie (poor Annie) + then went on to the Silver Slipper. Alot is blank betw about 5 – 8 but after getting to the SS all takes shape again. Funny show. After I played 21. I’d cashed a hundred + won $600. Luckily Geo + John kept coming + peeling it off me. Gave John a hundred for his many expenses. Home at 4:30 with 6 crisp C-notes. 5 profit. Woke Dick + he + I + George had a drink – John had beat a retreat.