Primary Elections

Up earlyish – Went over our ballots. I called Alice – not home. Shirley for some help on a few of the candidates, Annabel for same + ditto Walt Jenkins. Called Hilary to arrange for present for Daddy + found they were all having a birthday luncheon today at the homestead. Called there + went the route. Ethel – Daddy who thought it was Mary, Jim Colby. The money should be here in 10 days, Anthony, Jessie, David + Hilary who said she’d gotten an envelope of Mary’s old teeth with a note in red ink on the envelope “tell the children to use these on Thanksgiving.” Dick arranged for a generator + took off George + I went to see Walt Jenkins + got some names for the school board. Safeway + did shopping I’d fixed a meatloaf. Picked up car at Chevron Station. Went to Convention Center to vote. Dick had already been there. Went by Bonita to move trash from the garage but saw Adamson the way in + drove by. Left some instant tea + a note for Alice Turner + went to George Gill’s + paid $25 forgot to return tape. We had lunch at the Landmark + played a little + lost. Went to office. Napolliello’s pool sold. Marty trying to make plans. Mr. Johnson cleared + ditto Holliday Western Homes only dug one today. Dick didn’t collect money. I called Dave + have appt for tomorrow. Came home + Dick + George went to the office + drew plans for Napoliello’s dig Back at 8:30. Meatloaf dinner. watched some election returns. Dick had been drinking but didn’t here at home. Bed about 10 or so. Woke at 4 am smelling fire.