Felt a little queasy all day. We didn’t get off to much of a start to the week. Dick + George going out to Hofert’s when I left at 10:30. I went to Bonita where Jack was slaving away. His helper had never showed. Clark County electric had delivered the wrong hood 36″ instead of 30″. I took it back only to find the wrong one had been ordered. Ordered a new on – 2 weeks. Oh hell. Had to get a flare net 3/8″. Went to 3 places. Last one had 3 kinds so bought all 3 + took them back to Jack Took a lamp in to Shirley – The light there over her desk not working. Got hamburgers + coke + took them back to Jack. Went to Von Tobels for molly bolts + panel nails. Back to Bonita. vacuumed up where Jack was drilling for traverse rods Mr Adams came by + wanted to know where the kitchen curtain rod was, Said he was going to get one + present Dick with the bill [crossed out letters] I said I thought he was getting a good deal as it was + he said “Do you want to cancel? I don’t think I’m getting such a good deal. I only want what I’m entitled to.” I just walked away. He asked me later who was going to pay for the mailbox + I told him to take it up with Dick. The carpet man came at 4. Was finished at 5:20 I went to the office – Dick drunk. Had told Adams to go fuck himself + said he’d bring back his money at which point Adams had backed down. Funny because I’m sure Adams thought I’d told Dick Blah Blah. Came home George snoozing at the TV set. We all went to the Jungle club good dinner – very tired but watched Hallelujah Trail. Dick promising to sober up.