Miserable morning – Dick said he was tired of my nagging + supervision + he wasn’t going to be around much longer. I told him that I nagged about the booze because I care + I do. But maybe if it gets much worse I’ll stop caring – Talked with Wendy about cleaning the house on Bonita. Paid bills – the service, Power co, Mr. Mendoza Lookout mortgage. George up. fixed bacon + waffles Wendy over for vacuum + cleaning stuff. Gave her a $25 check for cleaning – $5 for Tina. Told Dick we’d be back by four + I took George to see Bonita. He + I got the plaster drippings off the fireplace. Were there about an hour. Hot as hell. Went to Circus Circus. Had a gingerale on the merry go round bar while overhead the man rode a bicycle upside down with a trapeze in his teeth from which dangled his wife by her toe. No net. George utterly unfazed. Went down + played a 10¢ Slot machine + won 777 for $207 Gave George $50. Played a little 21 + won another $30. We went to the Safeway + got some groceries + were home by 4. Dick in better mood. We played Risk, I broiled a steak which came out like an old boot + we had quite a few drinks. At 11:30 I wiped out George + shortly after Dick ceded to me. Unfortunately the alcoholic haze was such I couldn’t savor a so seldom victory. Talked a little after with George – oddly I discovered he hadn’t cared much for Andy whom I’d always thought had been perfection – interesting