Early morning call from Mary

Dick upset with me about buying the carpeting to cover the kitchen area too. Got dressed + left the house. I told him I was trying to help + I felt that I was damned if I did + damned if I didn’t Left on a slightly smoother note but told me it was all my affair + the house was mine + I could do as I pleased. Went over to Bonita + made a pattern + after 2 hours of intense heat + utter misery I managed to cut one piece which I then couldn’t get to lie flat. Went to see George + Estelle + they’re going to send someone Monday. Took a couple of samples home – a lovely one for the full house + a couple of possibles for the bedroom. Went to Sears for a Medicine cabinet, followed by  – Normandie Hardware, the B’way + Penney’s. Nothing. By then time to go meet George’s plane. It came early + I almost missed him. Met at the baggage counter. Brought him to the house. Dick here. He took him down to the office + I called 4 or 5 places about a medicine cabinet. Finally went to Phil’s Salvage + bought one for $60!! Went to Safeway + bought dinner. Tried J + J. – finally got them. Prepared lamb, potatos + eggplant casserole + rolls. Dick had nap (much needed) George talked with me some while I worked. The dogs have taken to him immediately. Jack + Joyce over at 7. Nice dinner played some poker after. They left about eleven. We played a final hand Dick won all. Bed about midnight.