Up early – everything okay. Jack over + Tony came by. They went out to pour Hofert’s deck Mary called + I called her back. Usual  blah – Spoke with Shirley + Dorothy Beagle + Annabel. Wendy here at 8:45. She’s free to clean the house on Bonita [crossed out letters] Sunday. Those people move in Tuesday + nothing has been done. Went to the office + went over Mr. Adam’s list with Shirley called Olson Glass for new window same day. Signed checks for Dick + went over to Bonita – a pipe leaking measured kitchen – dining area + measured space for cabinet. Called Shirley about pipe. Went to Dorothy’s where she, Annabel + I went over our files. Dorothy’s wrapped up. Not mine. Went to Von Tobels found nothing. Went to Geo Gill’s + got a very good price on some carpeting took it. Went to Ideal Supply, Standard Wholesale, Corbs, Larkin Vans, Woolco + a few other places looking for a cabinet. No luck Picked up the carpeting + went to the office. Called Wendy + Dick called. He’d called before + heard Shirley saying to me “I know I shouldn’t stick my nose in construction” after telling me she’d called for tile + coping She was repeating my words to her + it meant absolutely nothing but this became a federal case. I went to meet Dick at T.J.’s We took 2 1/2 pints home + Jimmy Judge came over. We called George + Cassie + Mom. Then had sandwiches + a few drinks – too many – Dick went to bed. Jimmy left after going out with me to talk with the little tree. Got a check from Isabel today for $275.00!!!!!