George Hall called at 5 am – the weather forecast had said 50% chance of rain. I told him Dick wasn’t in + suggested he call Jack. I made coffee + at 6 I spoke to Jack. He stopped by an hour later on his way to the office. He made the rounds of several bars and found Dick at Frank’s. I went to get him at about 8 + brought him home. School starting today. Made a big breakfast + Dick ate all of it. He’d had several exedrin PMs + finally slept. It rained heavily. I spoke with Shirley but didn’t go into the office. It was a really stupid sort of day. We went to get Dick’s truck at Frank’s + went out to the Rockinghorse ranch. I’d wanted to swim but it was apparent that what Dick wanted was some more to drink + that upset me. We had a hamburger. The water seemed cold + they’d just put in acid so I didn’t swim. I’d had 3 drinks which depressed me + Dick told me to snap out of it. Home + looked at a little TV + went to bed.