Dick off about 6:15 or so. I slept in til almost 8. Up + finished ironing, sewed some buttons + did another batch of laundry. Called Annabel + made a date for Fri. morning (forgot Wendy + will have to change it) to go over our Children’s Service Guild material. Left the house about 11:30 – Went to Show boat. Got to store around 2:20 (about $100 poorer) Terrible downpour. Lights went out in the plaza several times. No word from Dick since 10:30 or so. Inspector (Jerry Hickman) in + said they were having great problems with the pool. The water was coming out a deep red. Jack called in from Hofert’s + said the same thing a while later Shirley called out there + there were 3 trucks so Dick was there. We had two calls about the swirl jet. A lady who’s coming in tomorrow around 10:30. And a man + his wife who came over around 6. (We kept the store open for him.) A Mr + Mrs. Hitower. They took it home with them. No word from Dick. Spoke with Jack who said he (Dick was coming in.) I drove Shirley home. Checked then with the service + a “Jerry Le May(?)” had called to say Dick would be home at 8. Got groceries + came back. here at 7:20 or so. George called – I called J + J at 8:15 + Dick had called to see if they’d heard from me!!! He never called here. I tried every bar I could think of + finally tried Franks. Jerry Thorne¬†answered + Dick had been there. It was he who’d called. I put in our TV dinners. No word from Dick. Finally around midnight I lay down on the couch. It’s 5 am now + Dick is not home. Oh Lord help us.