Home all day _ but liked my day. Dick off at 6:30. Tony by a little later – Out to Hofert’s. I wrote diary + then put on my sauna belt + did the exercises. Kept it on for a while – over an hour after. Fixed stuffed peppers for dinner + made a chocolate pie. Bed + Dishes etc. Read “Long John” Nebel’s book + came to a part about experiments with plant’s feelings and was overcome with remorse for our little dying christmas tree. Went out + watered it + dug around it + put out some nice soil around the roots + talked to it. Then watered all the plants in back + filled bird bath + put out bird food. This place is really such an awful mess + needs so much work. Dick, Jack + Tony out in the desert grading all day. Gene + Tom left at lunch hour and didn’t return. Took truck back to the office + went home!!! Spoke with Shirley + those two pools of George’s aren’t any good at all. Total combined profit of $800.00 Oh Lord. However, Shirley seemed to think we could get by the next 10th of the month without dipping. Dick home about 4:20. Had a sandwich I did some ironing he showered + napped. Marlene + her brother brought out the truck + Maybe he’ll hire Bob as a laborer next week although not to likely. Went out to the Rockinghorse + had 3 drinks + I swam my 10 lengths back + forth. Met Jim + Vi Higgens. He’s a driver for Tri Delta + she’s a cook out there. Home at 9:30. Had stuffed peppers + watched TV + went to bed. I dropped off around 10:30 – Ordered flowers for Cassie tomorrow it’s her birthday