Up early. made love. had coffee. made love again. Gene Mayorga over + went to Plummer’s pool. Came back + Dick + he + a helper named Tom went out to Hofert’s pool. I fiddled about – paid phone bill + caught up on a few things. Went to cleaners + saw Vicki there. Whew! Drove out to Hofert’s pool about noon. God! but it was hot. Frank Mazer had stopped by. I took a few pictures + I wet down the pool for Dick. Went to Sloan to get them some coke + a pizza and won a $5.00 jackpot on the nickel machine which made it all free. Took it back to them – after only half an hour or so there I was drenched. Went + got some gas. Cashed a check – was home about 6 with groceries. Hot. Dick back – had stopped at Rockinghorse for a hamburger + a few drinks. We went back out there + tonight I swam the pool 10 times back + forth. Was a little tired but really felt good. I need exercise badly. Had a hamburger there + came home + went to bed + watched TV. Didn’t go near the shop today. Evidently George Jr. sold 2 pools to Mr. Robarts It would be nice to have some signed contracts. We watched a funnyish movie “What’s so bad about feeling good.” + had chop suey at 11 o’clock – then sleep.