Left the house at 7:30 for J + J’s. Drove in pickup + hauled the boat. Stopped in Henderson for gas + “pop” – (turned out later to be vodka + bugged me) Got to Willow beach + had breakfast. Took off in boat. Motor beautiful + we were zipping along Reached the skiing zone + motor “siezed up” + that was that. Someone towed us in to Ralson’s landing The heat unbearable. Joyce had money + for $15 we were given a ride back up to Willow beach to pick up the truck. Went to the Goldstrike Saloon + J + J + Dick had alot more drinks + I had an ice tea + played a little 21 without luck. Was in a foul humor. I’m so goddamned sick of this booze bit I could scream. Drove to Nelson’s landing + had our fried chicken + a beer. Joyce drove us back. Left the boat + went to the Rocking horse ranch – Had a couple of drinks + went swimming + played a little poker. I swam the pool about 10 times + felt a little better. Came home + had a relax-o bath. Dick wanted to go out for more booze + I said I’d be in bed when he came back. He changed his mind but was in a horrible mood. Grand day all around.