Dreary, stupid day. up around – 9:30. Didn’t feel too well. Went over to Lucille’s for a few minutes to say good bye. Was leaving when Alice Turner noticed large stain on seat of my pants. Good god – years since anything like that’s happened. Washed out slacks + had to wait to let them dry a little. Had crampy sort of feeling. Came home. Marty Lerit had taken Ford. Dick out with Ed Kulick to look at the job in the desert + get some electrical advice. I lay down + napped for about 4 hours. Dick home + fixed the coolers. Thank God + about time. We went out to the Rockinghorse ranch to go swimming + have a hamburger. I’d put in ham but we decided against it + I gave it to the dogs. Had a rotten headache at first but after they cut off the loudspeaker by the pool it was nice. Swam back + forth about 4 times. Dick + I talked a little + that was good too.- We’re going through a rather rocky time. Spoke with Leon today + I’m not going to do the “Adam-12.” He can’t get me the money + he doesn’t think the part is worth it. We came home around 10 o’clock, had a swirl bath + went to bed.

The frenchboy got a job at the Stardust –

Insurance adjustment statement arrived – we’ll be given $280.00. That won’t replace the stereo set by $130.00 Dick said he’ll handle it.