Crazy day. Special Delivery man brought an ADAM-12 Script – works Wednesday. So so part. “attractive, poised women in her middle years” (sob!) Wendy here at 9:45. Phone rang + after several tries + two dimes gone astray I had a young frenchman on the phone who was sent by Jimmy Parker with the assurance evidently that we’d put him up. I was + am furious with Jim + told the boy that it was not possible. He’s looking for work too. Dick home briefly I went for a few groceries and to both banks. Deposited $500 in savings, Dick’s check in household + The Brown’s check in my checking acct. Home, washed hair + took off for Annabel’s after calling to say I’d be late. Actually was the first there after Alice Lucille, Pat Moore, Prima + Stella all came shortly after. Very pleasant luncheon. Suddenly saw it was 3:40. I’d told Patrick (!) The frenchman to call me back at 3:30. Checked with the house + he hadn’t called. Told Wendy to say I’d gone out on business with Dick Left Annabel’s an hour later – Wendy still here. He’d called + had no place to stay. Oh Christ. Dick was out guniting on Hofert’s pool in the desert all day. He left the house at 5:30 + he + Jack got back at 8:30 after stopping for a few drinks at the Stagecoach where Joyce + I called them. We had dinner at J + J’s. Marty called + is going to borrow the ford tomorrow to take some customers out.