Leon’s Birthday.

Dick slept late. wouldn’t get up. [crossed out letters] Asked me to call the health dept for an inspection on Hoferts pool (Jim Devozak.) We both left about 10. I went down to the store to finish the screen. Also returned the Marine catalogue which we hadn’t gone over. Put up construction steps on one panel + then the insides of the Master pool booklet. Finally got the whole thing finished by about 2:30 or three. Not too happy about it but it could look worse. Gene of the RJ. brought in a sign (cost $10) for the swirl jet and it’s great. Also he’s interested in a pool. [crossed out letters] An inspector – Jerry Hickman(?) was in + after alot of back + forth passed us. But he had some gripes + I guess they were founded. Bill Rehn wanted to talk to me about last night + I told him I just didn’t feel like talking about it. I guess it’s all his talk about “dealing with the problem” + all the alcoholics he’s known that really put the lid on it for me. Dick back before I’d finished the screen. I went by Alice’s house with the Rabbi books for the Dales. Hope Coleman + her little girl came while I was there. Went to Penney’s + exchanged Dick’s shirts. (got 4 for 3 plus a refund) also some bottom sheets, dish towels + dishrags. Groceries + home. Mailed form to Chem bank + sent loan info to Jim Brown. The pay off penalty is under a thousand. I bought our swirl jet today. Was tired + depressed. We went over to J + J’s for some drinks + then home. Our TV was returned yesterday. Seems to work. Jeff Dover called + has a job at Linwood (?) cabinets.