Called Alice who said she’d be by the office about noon. I spent the morning + whole day actually working on the display bathroom for the swirl jet. Put contac on the screen + put up the towel racks + mirror. Then made 2 shelves. Put bowl of flowers on top one and kleenex montage on bottom. It looks very gay. Gene of the R.J was by + Dick asked him to make us a sign. Getting the towels to hang right was almost the hardest part of the business. Now have to work on the back. Put up a tile brochure + will make up a collage from other pool pictures for the rest. Using the contac to frame it. Jerry Lee of Munson sporting goods by at 3:30 and Shirley + I + went over his catalogue. It took some time. We ordered $1100 worth of goods. Seems like a lot but it’s nothing really + we won’t be billed til Dec. 10th. Some of the stuff is returnable. Alice + Pat Turner came by around noon. I had to call Alice to say I couldn’t make it in the late afternoon as everything was piling up. It had been a pretty good day right up to the end + then Dick + Bill Rehn ended up in the bar + it just killed me. Dick angry that Shirley had suggested to Dick that he vacuum Plummer’s pool. I wonder if it’s the spending of $1100 that really sent him off. Or is just anything an excuse + is that going to be our life? He went over to J + J’s after telling me that maybe he ought to get out of the business + Shirley + I could run it. Oh Christ. Jimmy Judge called + so did Dale. I referred them both to J + J’s. He came back about 9:00. We had TV dinners in silence + went to bed.