3 hrs

Made one more call in the early morning + got Walter Davis for an interview. Annabel called to say she felt terrible + would be late. Seconds later Dorothy called to say she couldn’t make it. All the kids showed + early. Annabel got their in time to interview Ken McGuinness – we were finished up about 11:45. I sent a very attractive girl named Amber Schraeder to Mr. Steiner. (told her not to mention my name.) Also a kid named John Prime who might fit the driving job (same provision) Hung around the shop. Had lunch with Pat + Shirley – they suggested calling Scotty’s plating about my brass lamp. We’d had a lead from him anyway. Marty had tried him twice yesterday + missed him. Hell – got him + he’d signed for an $8,400.00 pool last night. Marty stricken. Expensive lesson. Some people named Holiday on the verge of signing? Hofert’s pool dug – steeling saturday. Went over to see Alice for a while Hope Coleman and little girl Sharon came by + then some people named Gubler. I left at 5:30. Home + put Pork Roast in the oven. Dick home around 7. Had nice dinner + watched Ironsides + Dragnet. One cooler not working + house hot. We’re conferring with Frank Thompson tomorrow about winter stock for the store.

Casey called about Betty – She’s had surgery + can see people. I’d planned not to go though til Monday so can’t make it tomorrow.