Dick’s birthday today. Hard to get up_ Jim Schaefer turned him down on a loan yesterday as he’s not going to be occupying the house. He called Jack Kiser + Ralph Shulz instead. They’ll know by tomorrow. Fuse blew on one cooler. I called Shirley + guess the only thing we can do is wait til the Nov. 1st payment is due + then notify John that he is out. Called Bill Blackner about our lawn – lawn?! What a mess. Paid bills – B + B lawn, Bruce Terminix, Afta, Florist, American Express. Made calls for interviews. Vicki Hall was off to work. Please God let that work out. Set up two interviews for tomorrow. Talked with Dorothy + Annabel. Called some back numbers. Charlie banks is working as a cook’s helper at the Flamingo. Left the RJ. Kathy Freeman is in Phoenix. couldn’t reach Debbie Miranda or Jeff Chambers. Dick home about 11:30. Gave him his Shirts + his robe + he liked them. About 1:30 I lay down with a detective story + didn’t wake up til four o’clock. Hot sticky + disgruntled. Von Tobels called + the TV set is costing $285.00!!! to fix. Good God! They’ll bring it in Saturday. I went down to the office. Nothing much happening. Dick going back to the $3995 Special. Alice Turner had brought in some strudel. We’re sending a sherrif’s deputy to pick up Ritchie’s sample case Ritchie is now with Paradise Pool sweeps. I bought a floater loafer chair for Lucille Brown which Dick dropped off. I went to the Safeway + bought our dinner + some little cakes + goodies. Came home. We had nice broiled steak + a good meal Dick a little tired + surly + then I brought in some cupcakes with candles + some hersheys, sprints cracker jacks + a flying saucer toy. He was very pleased + had a nice birthday. Bed about ten –