Busy day. Dick off about 7:30. Jim Brown called + I spoke with him about the loan. He may try to borrow more, quoting a higher price. Told him if it doesn’t involve the IRS – fine. Wrote him with papers + wrote Equitable Savings. Bought wrapping paper + ribbon. Things conspiring to frustrate all day long. Went out to N.L.U. to get some teeth for Dick’s cake. Stopped $20 worth at Jerry’s Nugget. Went to Shirleys + wrapped the camera + wrote the card. Helped a little with the decorations but Linda + Marlene had really done it all. Made ice tea + goofed up. Broke a bottle. Shirley home + gave me a receipt for a tapper to pick up. Lost it between her front door + the car. Backed out + bumped into her car. Home. Pulled shower fixture instead of drain + washed my hair as a-result. Bought Dick some shirts + a good looking robe at Scotty’s Castle for tomorrow. [crossed out letters] Mr. Steiner called when I was in the tub. Can use Vicki Hall tomorrow so dripped out to the living room for her number. A different job + not as good but maybe it will work out. We left at 6:30. Picked Dick Shaw up at 6:45 + went to Shirleys. He’d seen John Carpenter today who plans to get back the business. He also told Dick S that Dick doesn’t have a license + so on I hate that man with something like a passion. The party was small. Shirley, Marlene, Jack + Joyce + Later Irene + George Jr. The Garretts, Marty + Bill Rehn. Dale + Ruby didn’t come nor did Bill Muir. It was pleasant however + a complete surprise. Shirley gave Dick an electric shoe polisher. Geo + Pat an ashtray + cigarette box. J + J a stunning sweater + shirt set + Marlene a huge cup with “The Boss” on it – some polygrip, koolaid + a string for his glasses. Delicious dinner. Swam later – home after 12. Mr. Adams signed lease on Bonita