Busy day. Alot of phone calls. Vicki Hall + her probation officer, Mrs. Bradley + Annabel. Equitable Savings whom I have to write for information on the penalty. Spoke with Shirley. Gave Dick a check for $8,000 – for the 10th of the Month bills. Alice called. I ironed alot + did another load of laundry. Paid mortgage. Went to bank + deposited check from Dick. Went to see Mr. Steiner + thanks to Kent Felix he’s totally turned off on any of our people. I called Vicki + suggested she drop by + see him herself without mentioning us. [crossed out letter] He had someone but was just trying her out. I took film to be developed. Bought a microscope for Andy Michels at W.O.W. + then after looking at their cameras went over + bought a polaroid 360 – for $199.95 at the Blvd. $20 more than Wonder World but they didn’t have it – With case + 4 color paks came to $238.00. Went to Penneys + got a cooler + some shirts to B. Daltons for the Rabbi books for Dr + Mrs. Dale + a couple of mysteries. Hatches for a few decorations thence to Safeway. Home by 3:30. Letter from Herman Grayson. Very hot. Very tired. Went down to the shop. Had 3 coffees very fast + suddenly broke out in cold sweat + was quite faint. Lay in hammock for a little. Talked about party with Shirley. We ate at Coachman’s Restaurant + were home by 8:30. Bed early + watched movie called “The Train” quite good. George Jr. is looking for another job. We sent night letter to Ritchie Meyers. Paul Young is back in town so we may collect our samp cases. In the meantime Marty has some good leads going