Up about 8 – talked with Russell – they’ve sold Sundart + I should have $14,000 by the end of this month. Am going to get the backyard landscaped + new carpeting. We talked over coffee in bed. Made Love + read the funnies. I went over to see Betty Isom who goes to the hospital tomorrow this afternoon for tests + maybe surgery We went to the Store – nothing happening + then picked up Alice + took her to lunch at the Macayo Vegas. Saw Danny Henderson there. Dick was talking about our not drinking + Alice said that Lucille hadn’t liked me because she’d always seen me after a few drinks. Our party yes – but the next time – Alice’s Birthday party I had one drink – oh blah, blah. But I felt quite hurt + wish Alice hadn’t said anything. We went up to the cottage on Mt. Charleston. It’s a very attractive place. The Colemans – Mary + Doc – Bea + Earl Turner, Pat + Tom + Kent + Laurie + Annabel + Jack. We played croquet. I was awful at first + then got quite good. Dick had never played but he’s  a natural. Annabel + Jack left about 4 – Big dinner all around a table – We came home about 8:30. Alice had forgotten her key so we had to wait til about 9:30 in front of the Colemans. It was a pleasant + relaxing day.

Dick’s picture was in the paper today – the Building News Section of the Review Journal Marlene found it. “Master joins Builders Guild” – Master pools must have put it in.

Spoke with Sheldon Andelson re sale paper on Lookout – all in order.