Up at 5 – Dick off in the squeeze-crete + I was given permission to follow in the oldsmobile. I wrote diary, futzed around a little – bed, dishes etc. Called Jack at 6 to say I was going to take his place + think he was pleased. Lit out at 6:30. Stopped at 8 for breakfast in Baker. Saw a very nice editorial in the Sun about Clesse there. Caught up with Dick about 9:30 the other side of Barstow. Followed him in to [crossed out letter] Industry. The smog over the land after the Cahon pass unbelievably dense + awful. We took a few pictures at Challenge Cook but no trouble at all + we were given a receipt! I drove us back to Victorville where we stopped for lunch + Dick bought me a stunning blouse. I then drove us to Baker where we stopped again. Dick drove us home. We stopped to see if anything was happening with the commercial pool on Cartania + Diggy Dan was digging away. Awful ground all boulders + it’s going to be one hell of a pool to dig + build. Went by J + J’s to pick up the truck. Bill Muir’s car there + we knocked but guess they were all passed out. Letter from Daddy Saying SunDart was sold!! Whee! Papers for the sale of Lookout Mt. which I’ll go over tomorrow. We went to bed + watched TV – Mary called + talked for a while – trouble is when she’s that way there’s no listening involved. She’s bringing out a book of her poems – Great. They’re going back to N.H. in September + thence to Europe. We went to sleep about 9:30.