Snake in the hall at 5 am.

Dick off early. I pottered about. Called Rae Odell – suddenly realized that time was pressing on. She’d left for an ashram in Canada + will be gone a year. Had a very nice talk with Doug Menville. May try to write some stories for his animation company. This am I woke at 5 to hear great whacks! in the hall. Asked Dick what was happening + he said there was a “small animal” there, I said [crossed out letter] in my semi conscious state – “It’s a snake” and by God it was Dick killed it + flushed it down the toilet. He said later is was about 5 inches long + very small – a baby I guess. Oh ugh. Hell from under the house? Called the exterminators who came while Wendy was here. They went all through the inside but have to come back to do under the house. I went to the cleaners + talked with Mr. Steiner about Vicki Hall. I think I’ll have to see her again + talk with her probation officer. Went gambling with Didi + when suddenly I said Oh God – I’ve got to go to the office she said Don’t tell me your husband works this late!” I said what late – + it was 6:30 – my watch having stopped at 4:30. Called the service, got a few groceries + came home with my winnings – Forget it – Dick backed out of the drive as I came in + kept going. He was furious. Asked Jack to drive to Industry with him Tomorrow. Not me – I was being punished like a 5 yr. old. We had a late silent chinese TV dinner and Dick went to bed. I called Jim Brown + he said the papers were on the way. I went to bed too + read. It’s not worth the old competitive gambit – “What about all the times you’ve come home late” – but My God it’s true Oh well – Hell.