Talked with Shirley in the morning about the Squeeze – crete + called Dave’s office. Evidently no such thing in California anymore as a deficiency judgement – so we’ll just take it back Called the Dwyers + called Von Tobels about the TV set which they’ll pick up tomorrow. Went to W.O.W. and bought some fence sections for the front of the house and Moth balls as deterrents to the dogs digging. The front section looks like a foxhole setup. Wendy over to do the windows – left the key for her as I went out Stopped by the Internat’l – got very lucky which I’ve been lately. Sue Wynn called + wanted a ride to the funeral but as Dick wasn’t getting back til 5:45 I told her we just couldn’t make it. I thanked her for the letter she’d written Dick + she said “you know me – I’d write anything. I’m bucking for president.” I think she is too. But won’t get my vote. The funeral was simple + again the young priest explained throughout – The changes in liturgy + ritual – then sang Oh God our Help in Ages Past at the end + that came up unexpectedly really got to me. Introduced Dick to Stella + Prima + I met Ray. We went to the Frontier Hotel for dinner afterwards – first going by the Dwyers to pick up a payment. Everyone there swimming happily in the pool. The Manchon pool down the street still not finished Some 3 weeks behind now. Met some people named Goleni there who also seemed pleasant. He’s a V.P of Bank of Las Vegas.