Phone dead in morning. Dick + Jack off at 7:30 – I read for a bit then made 2 apple pies + meat loaf. Suddenly about 9 the phone rang – the Telephone Co. Thank God. Gene showed up a little later. Dick had called him. Think I got him straightened out with the dogs. Called the florist for small flower arrangement for Clesse. Called insurance inspector. appt. at 12 – Called Casey + had long chat with her. Interesting . Gene did a lovely job on the garage + back yard + was working on the driveway when I left Dick Mullicich [?] not there as I’d told him I might be late but I signed the insurance forms + talked with very nice woman in the office. Stopped by + said hello to Dave, Mary + Marsha. Thence to office. Dick out. Went to Alice’s next with a pie Tom had called from Calexico in the morning so that’s taken care of. Annabel, Lucille, Pat Moore + Stella there. Met nice couple, Dr. + Mrs. Dale – He’s in medical research + knew of Daddy. Later a Nora Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson a black assemblyman, + her friend Mrs. Hogarde (sp?) The first black teacher in Nevada came by. Nice women. I left a little before 3 – went to the Horseshoe + lost $40 – Came home + Put meat loaf in + then after calling Dick several times decided we better eat later + went down to the shop with his jacket + suit + tie. He + Bill Rehn had been working all day on the plans for Trailer park pool – The Health dept evidently wanted plans also for the bathhouse + laundry even tho – we’re not building them – Went to the Rosary for Clesse at 7:30 at Palm. Sat in front of Harry Levy who never stopped talking until the priest came in. A nice young man who explained the function etc. Back to the shop – Bill still working Home at 9. Got Ed Faucher’s obit on Bill Wellborne – nice but alot of sentimental crap.