It rained today + hard. The electricity was off for an hour from 7 to a little after 8. I called Tony + then Gene + asked Gene to call early tomorrow about cleaning up the place. I mended some clothes, made bed, did dishes – blah blah blah. Found out around noon that the phone was out of order. Went to the Horse shoe + won several hundred dollars.  Went shopping for some basic groceries – ice tea instant coffee bread butter, juice + eggs. Took them over to Alice’s. She was just leaving with Annabel + “Dec” Coleman to go see Clesse at the mortuary – asked if I could stay. Lucille + Pat Moore + Prima Sinatra inside. [crossed out letters] I had a cup of coffee. Lucille asked about the snake story but it took another cup of coffee + Stella Arakalian before I could tell it – then the flower shop on [crossed out letters] Spring Street, Mrs. Buongiorno + the rats, the mouse in Mrs. Torre’s kitchen + “She called him a fuckin’ b-A-S-T-A-R-D.” Prima’s a pretty funny lady so it was good to make them all laugh. Left at a little before 5 – Dick had had carpet put in his office + it looks nice. I gave him a hundred dollar bill. Our phone still out of order. Went back to Alice’s on way home. They still haven’t reached Tom. Another pile of work applications – Alice asked Dick + me to the mountains with them on Sunday + I accepted. Came home. phone still dead – NO mail – we went to the flight deck restaurant for dinner. Everything cheaper without booze. Called home + service picked up but phone still dead when we got back. Dick went over to Casey + Ed’s to let them know + called phone company again. I started reading “The [crossed out letters] Valachi Paper” extraordinary. Bed about 10:30 –